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Welcome to Gasparini Italian Imports. My Italian parents first took me to their hometown when I was 5 years old. Thatís when my love affair with Italy began. Over that first summer, I explored my surroundings with my newfound cousins, got to know my aunts and uncles, and spent as much time as possible with my beloved grandmother. I saw such exciting cities as Venice, Rome, Florence and Milan. It was not enough. Soon I will be taking my 30+ trip, and the magic is still there, the child-like wonder as strong today as when I was 5.

Italy is my second home, a place of antiquity, beauty and enchantment. This beauty is reflected in the artwork and in the design of everyday objects. My purpose is to bring a piece of this magical place into your home and life. If youíve been to Italy, the reminder of piazzas, fountains, Renaissance masterpieces and gondolas, not to mention the fantastic cuisine and warm, friendly people, should put a smile on your face.

Please take a look and contact us with any questions. If you can't find the right Murano chandelier, mirror, or sconces, send us your specifications and we will design and create one for you.

We hope you enjoy what we have to offer. Let us help you relive the magic of Italy. Tanti auguri e saluti!!