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Category - Murano Necklaces

Necklaces of Venetian beads made in Murano and Venice itself are among the most recognizable and coveted glass beads worldwide. Venetian artisans have been influencing glass bead makers from around the world for several centuries, creating the distinct Venetian glass style.

Venetian beads offer the finest craftsmanship for gold or silverfoil beads possible. In these beads the foil is layered around a clear glass core and then covered with tinted glass. Metal oxides generate the colors of the glass. Some of them are more difficult to make than others.

Prices range from $39 to $229, depending on the number of beads and the amount of gold or silver used to make the jewelry. Necklaces come in all colors and styles, using murrina (traditional floral pattern), solid and other style beads. Some beads are wrapped externally in .925 Sterling Silver. The first two photos below are designed exclusively for Gasparini Italian Imports, $69 and $59 each, respectively.

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