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Category - Silk and Pashmina Scarves and Shawls

We carry both silk and pashmina items. We’re all familiar with silk, but what is pashmina? The word “pashmina” is actually the Indian name for the cashmere goat. Cashmere is therefore not just a kind of tiny wool, it is not wool at all. The cashmere goats, exposed to the most extreme environmental elements of altitude and cold, grow a downy undercoat of soft hair beneath their coarse exterior coat. Those hairs are extremely sleek, soft, warm and silky. Cashmere is the highest class of all natural fiber, warmer, softer, and lighter than all the rest. 

Our current inventory includes:

  • Silk scarves – rectangular and square shapes, thin and thick textures
  • Pashmina shawls – 100% pashmina
  • Silk mesh neck scarves – one of a kind, can be used under a blazer as a necklace, scarf or even a mock blouse

    Prices vary from $25 to $75.

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